Monday, June 30, 2008

Thank you Lord for the gifts of Friends.

Now I am in Berlin Germany on my way beck to Sabah. Many things comes to my mind, such as my priests friends whom I was sharing my life as budak kampung. It was wonderful to have someone who can accept you as you are and who can journey with you in times of joy and sorrow, struggling together to live and to die of oneself. Thank you so much to Fr. Aloysius Ong and Fr. Paul Berson Ranee and Fr. Francis. You have been part of my life journey in Rome. Keep the fire burning.


Hombidai said...

hi Fr Nick.. sia sudah kasi link ko punya blog sana blog sia.. ok kan Fr?

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick, good to see your face again in ur blog. I am in Linz(Austria) now. I am keeping fine. Classes r in fullswing. My regard to ur bro n fren.
bye paul