Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Think about it.

There is no great difference in reality between
one country and another, because it is always
people you meet everywhere.
They may look different or be dressed differently
or may have a different education or position; but
they are all the same. They are all people to be loved,
they are all hunger for love.
M. Teresa.


Pagan said...

Is it fish? ... you r a lucky guy.

katolik said...

But how to love? What does it mean to LOVE someone? The answer is very simple: To love someone means to help them save their souls. How? Share with them our Catholic Faith because the Truth will set them free. Jesus said: I am the Truth. There is NO other way but through and by Jesus, the Saviour of mankind.

san said...

Oh... i love tulang ikan... oh.. kupas tu "Something' sampai jadi tulang... nah.. pa diurang bilang.. :)