Sunday, May 3, 2009

Think about it.

The remarkable thing about Jesus was that
although he came from the middle class and hadno appreciable disadvantages himself, he mixedsocially with the lowest of the low and identified himself with them. Hebecame an outcast by choice.
A. Nolan


Anonymous said...

wow...yang di tengah ka tu yang pigang sompoton.... jalan kaki(kana bubut anjing)pastu naik pangkat naik basikal p mass(dia lagi ganti bubut anjing)hahahaha...praise the Lord!!!Our God is an awesome God!

hane Stephanie S. said...

hahahha....c father la tu~~~~~~hehehehehehheheeehehehhe

Gurangak said...

Handsome oh c pado..hehe..
Hopefully i'll be a FATHER like u one day..Cos since u be a rector at our paroki..u are my idol..Please pray 4 me...AMEN..